• KNOW YO ISH!!: The Roll Out0

    Strategy is everything in this business. We all know this. Talent doesn’t always matter. It’s important BUT we have seen a few slip through the cracks. As painful as it is to admit, the reason why some less talented artists than you are where you want to be right now is MARKETING. What is a

  • KNOW YO ISH!!: Your Image1

    As an independent artist, you are 100% responsible for your failure or your success. This incredible freedom can be exhilarating or intimidating depending on how you approach each task. One of the most important tools in your belt is your “image”.  This is the visual aspect to your artistry and then some. Technically, the total

  • KNOW YO ISH!!: Your Artist Name

    KNOW YO ISH!!: Your Artist Name0

    So, you are thinking about sharing your music with the world but don’t know what to call yourself or your band. Or maybe you have a name but can’t seem to build a following under that name. Here are some things to think about when picking your artist name every indie artist should consider before

  • Old Town Road -Kids with Cancer/Illness www.theferrarikid.org World Premier Video! Watch to End!

    Old Town Road -Kids with Cancer/Illness www.theferrarikid.org World Premier Video! Watch to End!0

    The Ferrari Kid is a non-profit that creates over the top epic “Celebrity for a day” events for kids coping with cancer and other illness. Please share, , tag and consider a donation. We are grateful. www.theferrarikid.org Watch till END! Read the story – The Ferrari Kid



    3 Ways to Save Time and Money on Back-to-School Shopping (StatePoint) New grade levels and new routines mean it’s time to purchase back-to-school essentials that will help make this year a success. Though this time of year can be stressful for parents, a few tips below will go a long way to helping you navigate