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So, you are thinking about sharing your music with the world but don’t know what to call yourself or your band. Or maybe you have a name but can’t seem to build a following under that name. Here are some things to think about when picking your artist name every indie artist should consider before making their next move.


Don’t overthink this! Your artist name should be easy to say, easy to spell, and look good. You want to make it harder for the consumer to forget you. Try typing out your prospective name in Word or Adobe and playing with Fonts. Ask yourself if this name is going to look just as good as it sounds on a Logo.


Do yourself a favor and don’t try to ride someone else’s wave. Contrary to popular belief, using part of a name of a known artist does not help you go viral. First of all, it’s annoying AF that you are trying to release music under a name that’s easily confused with someone else. Especially if that someone else has put years into this game. And second, it makes it harder for people to find you on streaming services. So if you are trying to bite off someone else, please go back to the drawing board.


Conduct a quick internet and trademark database search on your artist name before dumping any time or money into promoting your brand. I HAVE MADE THIS MISTAKE BEFORE and I don’t want anyone else to share this heart ache! I have been recording professionally since the age of 12 under the name, TANI. It’s a childhood nickname that’s short for my government name, Brittani. However, before releasing my first single, I didn’t do the research, thinking nothing of it and found out the hard way that not only do other artists around the world have released music under my name, it’s already trademarked in Canada as well. This impacted me in sooooo many ways I lost count and I’m going to expand on this in my next video on my Youtube channel, PRETTYBADMOUFTV.

If you found this article to be helpful or a waste of your time, please drop a comment below and let us know what YOU want to know about being an Indie Artist.

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By Tani

TANI RENEE is an American singer and songwriter based out of New Orleans, LA. Whether in front of the mic or conversation, she tells her story with a style so emotive and rich with truth that it’s hard to ignore. Pairing an honesty that resonates from pain and alienation, love and triumph with a juxtaposition of sounds such as r&b, jazz, blues and hip-hop. She made her debut with the single, “Broadcast”, complete with an interactive music video with the H.O.P.E. campaign and H.O.P.E. Outdoor Gallery in 2016 and has not stopped since. Known for her explicitly honest opinions, she is a breath of southern fresh air to R&B. Currently working on her first book and soundtrack entitled, “Sugar Don’t Go In Grits: Pretty Bad Dating Advice”. She promises to deliver nothing less than the realest spill on all things love and dating in 2019. If you want to be entertained, follow her social media @prettybadmouf. Watch her latest music video for “Russell/Stay Here”