KNOW YO ISH!!: The Roll Out

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Strategy is everything in this business. We all know this. Talent doesn’t always matter. It’s important BUT we have seen a few slip through the cracks. As painful as it is to admit, the reason why some less talented artists than you are where you want to be right now is MARKETING.

What is a ROLL OUT?

The “Roll Out” is a fancy industry term for your plan to introduce you (the artist), your music, project, or whatever you’re working on to the world.

You can write a roll out YOURSELF.

Why is it important?

If you don’t tell anyone that you have something coming up, how many people do you think are really checking for it? Today, we are way too busy and distracted to keep up with every artist. LITERALLY. Unless the artist puts it in our face and makes it SUPER obvious that they have something going on or in the works, we won’t know. So don’t make people go on a scavenger hunt to find your stuff because they won’t. And unless your one of the top 10 artists in the world, don’t make your plan the “surprise” drop either because that won’t work. Again, no one is checking for any artist like that, don’t play yourself. Plus, having a plan makes it a thousand times easier to monitor the success of your launch. How will you know whatever you’re doing is working if you don’t have a start point? If you make a plan to aggressively market your new single for about 3 months, you will be able to track it’s success and see where your time and money is best spent for future roll outs.

How to write a Roll Out:

You can write a roll out YOURSELF. Just use this guideline as a tool to make your own.

1. Mission / Vision / Purpose

a. What are you rolling out and why

2. Target Market

a. Who are you rolling this out to

3. Competitors

a. Who is doing similar things and when

b. What makes you special

4. Team

a. Will you need help

b. If yes, who will do what, when and how

5. Third Party a. What outside sources will you need to make this successful ie: venue, media, studios, etc.

6. Marketing Plan

a. What is the schedule

i. When does the roll out start and end

ii. When will whatever be done, when and how

7. Operation

a. How are you going to run this roll out

b. What is the easiest most effective way

8. Financial Projections

a. How much $$ do you need to start and run the roll out

b. How much $$ do you expect to gain as a result of the roll out

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About Tani

TANI RENEE is an American singer and songwriter based out of New Orleans, LA. Whether in front of the mic or conversation, she tells her story with a style so emotive and rich with truth that it’s hard to ignore. Pairing an honesty that resonates from pain and alienation, love and triumph with a juxtaposition of sounds such as r&b, jazz, blues and hip-hop. She made her debut with the single, “Broadcast”, complete with an interactive music video with the H.O.P.E. campaign and H.O.P.E. Outdoor Gallery in 2016 and has not stopped since. Known for her explicitly honest opinions, she is a breath of southern fresh air to R&B. Currently working on her first book and soundtrack entitled, “Sugar Don’t Go In Grits: Pretty Bad Dating Advice”. She promises to deliver nothing less than the realest spill on all things love and dating in 2019. If you want to be entertained, follow her social media @prettybadmouf. Watch her latest music video for “Russell/Stay Here”

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