We’ve had an incredible few days on I Am Refocused Radio, filled with inspiring stories and empowering conversations! Our guests have shared their journeys, triumphs, and lessons learned, leaving us feeling motivated and uplifted.

Recent Highlights:

  • Dr. Agi Keramidas shared his transformation from dentist to podcaster and author
  • Nancy Dillingham Marks inspired us with her journey from corporate career to fused glass artist
  • Asher HaVon, winner of The Voice Season 25, shared his powerful story of perseverance and passion
  • Dr. Fred Moss offered valuable insights on mental health and personal growth
  • Rebekah Scott shared her 5 key systems for achieving success as a mompreneur and business coach
  • Cuba Gooding Jr. talked about his new film and his journey as an actor

Join Our Community:

I Am Refocused Radio is more than just a show – it’s a community built on supporting and uplifting one another. We believe that everyone has a story worth sharing, and we’d love to hear yours!

If you’re interested in being a guest on our show, please visit our Contact Page to learn more and submit your request. We can’t wait to hear your story and share it with our audience!

Building Each Other Up:

Our show is dedicated to creating a platform where people can come together, share their experiences, and learn from each other. We believe that by sharing our stories, we can inspire and empower one another to reach new heights.

Tune in to I Am Refocused Radio to be a part of this amazing community and hear more inspiring stories from our guests. Let’s build each other up and create a wave of positivity that spreads far and wide!

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