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New as of May 14, 2021, the I Am Refocused Radio Podcast invites content contributors looking to expand their audience. All you need is a microphone and send us the audio file. To apply and have your interviews/educational podcast episodes added to our platform contact us and we’ll send more information. All inquiries are welcomed but approval is not guaranteed. We are looking for Faith/Sports/Entertainment/Stories/News content to add value to our platform. See our current contributors below:


Pastor Vera McEwen

Pastor Vera McEwen is incredibly excited to give an open welcome to all at Love God Ministries! An online community where all truly are welcome, Pastor Vera embodies the Love of Christ through witness and discipleship. She founded Love God Ministries because conversations with people revealed a need for a community of believers where it does not matter how you look but recognize that you are a child of God. Read more here

Recovering your Harvest of Grace Outreach Ministry is focused on those on the margins of society—homeless individuals and prisoners. It was founded in 2009 by Pastor Brenda White Green. Her husband, Pastor Kevin Green, is a cofounder of the ministry.

Pastors Brenda and Kevin are dedicated to meeting the needs of others before their own. Together, they go into the world to spread the Word of God and bring hope to the people who need it most. For instance, one of their main initiatives is to give back to the army cadets—courageous individuals who have selflessly served our country.
Pastor Brenda White Green

In 1968, Pastor Brenda was born in a country town called Floydada, TX. The Lord was present in the home she lived in at all times. At the age of 33, she was called to the ministry of Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in Lubbock, TX where she served others and was taught the Word of God.

In 2004 in Lubbock, Pastor Brenda felt summoned by the Lord to go out into the streets and the world to feed and touch the people that are rejected by society. She made it her mission to let them know that regardless of their circumstances, Jesus loves them all the same.