About Us

Established in 2017

Once upon a time, there was a man named Shemaiah who had a strong desire to inspire others. He started “Refocused Magazine,” aiming to help people find their purpose and pursue their dreams. One day, his life took a remarkable turn.

While waiting in line at a music concert, Shemaiah encountered a woman in a wheelchair trying to get his attention. Tears filled her eyes as she said, “God says to open your mouth and speak!” Although initially surprised, Shemaiah was deeply moved by her sincerity.

Despite his initial doubts, Shemaiah decided to take her words to heart. Her message wasn’t just random; it struck a chord with him, echoing past compliments about his voice being perfect for radio.

After the concert, Shemaiah saw the same woman waiting for a bus down the street. It was an unexpected encounter that left a lasting impression.

The woman’s words ignited a new sense of purpose within Shemaiah, planting a seed of inspiration that would later bloom into I Am Refocused Radio. Before Shemaiah’s pivotal conversation with Rico Rodriguez, owner of the local barbershop Rockafellas, the woman’s message had already resonated deeply with him.

With Rico’s encouragement and support, Shemaiah took the leap to start the show. Since then, I Am Refocused Radio has flourished, thanks to the unwavering backing of family and friends. Today, the show has amassed over 90,000 downloads, conducted 1,000-plus interviews, and remains committed to its mission of spreading positivity.

Shemaiah often reflects on how the woman’s unexpected words and Rico’s timely encouragement set him on this transformative path. Their collective impact continues to drive him in empowering others and championing their dreams.

In honoring their contributions, Shemaiah is dedicated to carrying forward their spirit, inspiring countless individuals worldwide to discover their purpose and pursue their aspirations with unwavering determination.

The Barbershop: Birthplace of the 1st Episode

The I Am Refocused Podcast was born in the vibrant atmosphere of Rico Rodriguez’s local barbershop in San Antonio, TX. It all began with Rico recognizing Shemaiah’s talent and encouraging him, suggesting he had a voice perfect for radio. Inviting Shemaiah to start the podcast in his shop, Rico went above and beyond, providing breakfast for guests and offering unwavering support. His dedication played a pivotal role in the platform’s evolution from a neighborhood barbershop to a globally recognized podcast with a vast audience. Rico’s belief in the vision was evident from the outset, as he was not only one of the first guests on the show but also among the first to wholeheartedly embrace its potential.

First Episode | September 7, 2017, with Rico Rodriguez

Note to Listener

Thank you for engaging with I Am Refocused Radio. Celebrate achievements—recognize milestones, big or small, for personal growth. Learn from challenges—embrace setbacks as opportunities to progress. Stay focused—let ambition guide your journey to greater heights. Your commitment to self-improvement aligns perfectly with our mission. We’re excited to have you with us.

Warm regards, The I Am Refocused Radio Team

About The Show

At the heart of our podcast are captivating narratives, real-life examples, and compelling anecdotes that shed light on the multifaceted realm of purpose-finding. Join us as we delve into self-discovery, overcoming obstacles, and the intricacies of personal growth. Our dynamic and inclusive space spans across education, arts, entertainment, news, and faith, weaving together stories that come alive. The transformative power of storytelling transcends boundaries, sparking the flame of inspiration that propels personal growth, purpose discovery, and a strong sense of community.

What to Expect:

  • Engaging interviews with influential guests
  • Weekly episodes exploring diverse topics
  • An immersive experience that encourages active participation
  • A fusion of education, arts, entertainment, news, and faith

Our Audience:

I Am Refocused Radio speaks to a dynamic audience, primarily targeting individuals between 18 and 35. However, our content’s appeal extends far beyond age brackets, resonating with anyone actively seeking purpose, personal growth, and determination. We bridge generations by addressing universal themes and offering a supportive, nurturing environment for listeners to explore, learn, and evolve.


Please note that the views expressed by our guests are their own and may not necessarily reflect those of I Am Refocused Radio. Our goal is to inspire and educate through transparent storytelling. The diverse perspectives shared on our show contribute to the rich tapestry of personal journeys.

Shemaiah’s Bio

University of Toledo 2009-2010 Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Philosophy and Business)

Shemaiah is a driven entrepreneur and change-maker committed to helping others achieve their dreams. He is the founder of Refocused Magazine, which provided a platform for both young and old to ‘refocus’ on their personal and professional goals. Although the magazine has recently closed, Shemaiah’s commitment to helping people find their purpose has led to the creation of I Am Refocused Radio. The radio show welcomes individuals to share their real-life experiences and provides a platform for engaging and encouraging others to pursue their dreams.

As a creative visionary with extensive qualifications in 3D animation, music production, philosophy, and business, Shemaiah is always seeking new ways to inspire those around him. He is a talented producer, director, and journalist who uses his skills to shed light on inspiring stories within his community. Whether he’s producing music in the studio or capturing real-life experiences on video, Shemaiah is driven, tenacious, and big-hearted.