How to be a guest!

Share Your Story, Inspire Our Audience

Are you a successful entrepreneur with a story to tell? Do you want to inspire our engaged audience of like-minded individuals? We invite you to share your journey, insights, and expertise on I Am Refocused Radio!

By joining us as a guest, you’ll:

  • Reach a dedicated audience eager for inspiration and guidance
  • Share your experiences and knowledge to make a meaningful impact
  • Connect with a community passionate about personal growth and success

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Partner with Us to Empower Positive Change

Are you a like-minded sponsor or supporter looking to collaborate with a purpose-driven platform? I Am Refocused Radio is dedicated to uplifting our community through meaningful conversations, empowering content, and impactful initiatives.

By partnering with us, you’ll:

  • Align your brand with a platform that values authenticity, diversity, and positive change
  • Reach a engaged audience passionate about personal growth and success
  • Contribute to a community that inspires and empowers individuals worldwide

Let’s work together to make a lasting impact! Reach out to us at to explore potential partnerships and collaborations. Shemaiah personally reviews each inquiry, ensuring a direct and personalized approach to every partnership.