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Certified Loan Signing Agent, here to take care of all your notary needs.

Rockafellas Barber Shop San Antonio
Rico Rodriguez (Owner)
Amon is my middle name Amon is “teacher, builder; wealthy protector” Amon designs are made with simplicity style. Shemaiah Reed’s vision: Empower dreamers to dream BIG!

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Healing after a Relationship with a Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath, or Other Domestic Abuser
Charlene D. Quint, J.D. Founder and Certified Domestic Violence Professional

Charlene Quint, J.D. is a Certified Domestic Violence Professional who coaches victims of domestic violence.  Drawing on her extensive legal and financial background, and using faith-based principles, she helps women understand these complex toxic relationships, and helps them heal and overcome to lead lives of victory.

Ms. Quint is also an attorney specializing in representing women who are escaping abusive marriages and relationships, including obtaining orders of protection and divorce.   She speaks publicly to community groups, clergy, counselors, attorneys, educators, and other professionals to educate and equip them in the area of domestic abuse. She is passionate about reaching the church, including clergy, church leaders, and lay leaders about domestic abuse that is so prevalent, yet also largely ignored, in the church.  She co-chairs the Partnership for a Safer Lake County, a consortium of organizations in Lake County, Illinois, whose goal is to stop violence in all forms, and co-leads support groups for A Safe Place, Lake County’s only organization exclusively dedicated to transforming the lives of survivors of domestic abuse.

Prior to representing victims of domestic abuse, Ms. Quint practiced corporate law with a large Chicago firm.  She also served as the Chief Financial Officer of an independent publishing house.

Ms. Quint was married for 21 years to a successful businessman who was also a wealthy, sociopathic, diagnosed Narcissist. They lived in the affluent town of Lake Forest, Illinois, had two children together, and attended a large, non-denominational church where Charlene served as a deacon, Sunday School teacher, short-term mission leader, and leader in women’s ministries.  She also served on the Board of Regents at Trinity International University, a Christian university, and on the board of directors at Au Sable Institute, a Christian institute of higher education.  In 2012, she fled her home with only an overnight bag and went into hiding for two years.

Charlene is the author of two inspirational books: Angels of Ebermannstadt (DeepRiver Books 2012)  and Blessings, Prayers and Heart Songs (DeepRiver Books 2014).  Her next book, Overcoming the Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath, and Other Domestic Abusers; The Comprehensive Handbook for Women and the Clergy, Counselors, and Lawyers Who Serve Them is expected out in 2020.

A Place of Refuge
Sanctuary of Hope provides a caring and nurturing environment to single expectant mothers ages 12-22 and their children.

Every Life Counts
Pregnant and not sure what to do? You are not alone. Learn more about how we can help you.

Be a part of the inspired vision
Please consider joining efforts with the Sanctuary of Hope to help set a positive course for single young mothers and their unborn children.
Learn more
Gene Hildabrand | ENGAGE SA! Christian Calendar & Podcast
Coach B Michele
Dr. Krystal K. Nerio President at Prosperitus Solutions
Consider your moment captured forever! 21 ProVideo is a group of award-winning photographers, trained to do superior work to ensure your memory becomes a reality. Marcus Floyd is a professional photojournalist with more than 20 years experience in photography and videography. Floyd and his staff of seasoned photographers are used to operating under the pressure of news, sports and feature-reporting deadlines. They bring that expertise to your photo event anywhere: from the sidelines of a football game to the wedding aisle.
Birdwell Foundation on PTSD.
Mentoring and assisting those who are suffering as a result of Trauma.
Our Mission Statement
Abortion Hurts. God Heals!, a ministry of The Justice Foundation, has been created to educate, enlighten and bring the hope of healing to people through the heartfelt testimonies of those who have chosen abortion, suffered the consequences and accepted God’s forgiveness and healing.

Visit Abortion Hurts God Heals
Alamo City Consultants
Creative Director Entrepreneur Regis Price
Father. Creator. Photographer. Videographer. Designer. Philanthropist. Capturing the memories of life through visual content.
Clayton Callender
What’s up and welcome!  My name is Clayton Callender and I am the founder and photographer for Ambitious Villain.  What is an “ambitious villain” you ask?  At first glance, it may seem counter-intuitive to suggest that a villain is anything but a good thing.  I’m a huge Joker fan, specifically Jack Nicholson’s character (don’t debate me), and have always found the Joker more interesting than Batman.  As the story goes, Batman always wins, in any era of the Batman series.  However, no matter the series, no matter the character, the Joker is always eager and determined to defeat Batman.
Ambitious Villain “Inc.” is not only to be utilized as a means towards a photography portfolio, but it is utilized in hopes of inspiring others to keep chasing their dreams and goals.  I am living proof of an individual who has dealt with significant losses in life, yet, I can never allow those losses to deter me from reaching my goals.  In fact, because of those losses and let downs, I am ambitious enough to stay the course.  As Philadelphia 76er, Joel Embiid, would say, “trust the process!”
If I could ever be an inspiration for someone, then I’ve done my job.  Photography and fashion are just tools that I utilize to express my love for the arts.  Whether you’re an artist, photographer, a fashion stylist or even the Joker himself, you’re passionate about what gives you purpose in life. That’s an ambitious villain…
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DW Brooks Funeral Home
We provide intervention to struggling readers and spellers of all ages and create for them pathways to success. We continuously explore cutting edge research concerning dyslexia, learning differences and neurodiversity to understand it on a deeper level and spread awareness. We strive to empower all minds and transform our students into fearless readers