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(StatePoint) When it’s not possible to be near loved ones, being connected becomes more important.

Here are three technologies to feel closer to friends and family, wherever they may be:

Stream in Sync

Streaming services like Netflix are introducing new features allowing users to watch programming in sync with their friends. Whether it’s the latest episode of your favorite reality game show or a movie you’ve all been excited to see, now you can host a virtual movie night or watch-party and share your reactions to the show in a real-time chat room.

Keep the Time

A globally-minded timepiece can help you feel more connected by displaying the time of where your friends and family are located. And the Casio Edifice EQB1000 is especially informative. The watch’s main dial and date display “Home Time” (the time and date in the current location), while an inset dial at 3 o’clock displays “World Time” (the current time in over 300 major cities) in a 12-hour format. Its operations are easily managed via a connected smartphone, and its “Phone Finder” feature causes your phone to sound a tone even if it’s in silent mode.

Workout, Together

Have a gym buddy or workout partner who is suddenly remote? New tools can help you motivate one another and stay fit together, even if you are far apart. Some of the latest stationary bikes and treadmills on the market now allow you to connect to classes and coaches in real-time and have features that allow you to enjoy realistic city and countryside scenery as you sweat. Join the same class as a friend and compete against each other, or take a virtual tour of a city together.

Thanks to new technologies, the world doesn’t need to feel so big. Embrace the tools that let you feel close and connected.

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