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Unlocking the Power of Podcasting: Insights from I Am Refocused Radio

Since 2017, I Am Refocused Radio has been on a mission to inspire and empower individuals to find their purpose, refocus on their goals, and continue pushing forward. Through our podcasting journey, we’ve learned valuable lessons and techniques that we’re excited to share with new podcasters looking to start their own adventure.

Audio-Only Podcasting: Simplifying Production and Reducing Stress

Producing an audio-only podcast can be a liberating experience, especially for those new to podcasting. Without the added pressure of video production, you can focus solely on crafting engaging audio content. This format also reduces post-production stress, as you don’t need to worry about syncing audio and video tracks or editing visuals.

Mixing Techniques and Frequency Range

When it comes to mixing your podcast, understanding frequency range is crucial. For average male and female voices, focus on the following frequency ranges:

  • Male voice: 100 Hz – 800 Hz
  • Female voice: 150 Hz – 1,200 Hz

Use EQ tools in Adobe Premiere, Logic Pro X, or Final Cut Pro to cut frequencies and enhance your audio. For example, reducing low-end frequencies (below 100 Hz) can help eliminate rumble and hum.

Mixing Vocals and Music for Clarity

When combining vocals and music, prioritize clarity. Use EQ to create space between the two elements, and adjust levels to ensure your vocals are prominent. Consider using compression to even out volume levels and maintain a consistent sound.

Outsourcing Intro and Commercial Spots

Don’t be afraid to outsource intro and commercial spots to freelance services like Fiverr or Upwork. This can save time and add professional polish to your podcast. Research and find vocal artists who fit your brand and style.

Websites for Hiring Vocal Artists:

  • Fiverr (Shemaiah’s personal favorite)
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Voice123

Consistency is Key

Starting a podcast in 2017 allowed I Am Refocused Radio to connect with like-minded individuals worldwide. The power of consistency has been instrumental in our growth and success. By committing to regular episodes and engaging with our audience, we’ve built a loyal community that shares our mission.

Join the Podcasting Journey

If you’re new to podcasting or looking to grow your show, we invite you to reach out to Shemaiah at admin@iamrefocusedradio.com with questions about podcast production and show management. We’re happy to help beginners start their podcasting journey and continue to inspire and empower others.

Remember, the world needs your voice and perspective. Start your podcasting adventure today and join the I Am Refocused Radio community in spreading inspiration and positivity worldwide!

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