I have been in and around the music business now for over half of my life. I have done a lot and seen even more. I can talk business all day with the best of the them. However, all the talent and business know-how in the world can’t save you from yourself if you are not in good health.

I don’t need to say any names. Every last one of us can reference an artist that left us too soon. 9 times out of 10, as a result of either poor mental, physical, emotional, and/or spiritual health. When I write these articles, I always keep it genuine and real because I care. From the bottom of my heart, I truly care about each and everyone of you. If I had a magic wand, all of our dreams would come true – TRUST ME. However, it doesn’t work that way.

We are busting our butts day in and day out, and we cause a lot of wear and tear on our bodies. As a lifelong musician, I am SO guilty of this. I skip meals, skip water, skip sleep, and repeat. A LOT. Then I tell myself, it’s OKAY because I can sleep when I die. BUT it’s not OKAY. I invited myself on a first-class trip to the E.R. with a fine case of exhaustion and I do not wish that on my worst enemy.

As we all wrap up a long year of grinding, I wanted to share a few quick reminders about our health because without that, we can’t do what we are born to do.


Can’t stress this enough! I know it’s easier said than done, but I promise you will look and feel a thousand times better when you are well hydrated.


It is tough to eat good, clean foods on the road but a well-balanced diet is so important. If you know you are going on the road or have a week full of meetings, try to pack yourself some snacks with NUTRIENTS or meal prep. It makes THE WORLD OF A DIFFERENCE.


The entertainment industry can be brutal on our bodies but we have an audience that expects us to be on our ‘A’ game. If you can, try to squeeze in 2-3 work outs a week. Stretchhhhhhh every day or as often as you think about it and make this a part of your schedule.


We really should be recharging our batteries. Everyday we should be sleeping 7-8 hours to let our body do what it needs to at best. When our schedules fill up, we just adjust, don’t forget sleep is our friend!


I promise this is not my Virgo typing. As silly as this reads, sanitizing should be your best friend! Trust me. When you are always on the go and steps 1-4 are hard to manage, the least we can do is keep it clean. We shake a lot of hands and open a lot of doors, go a lot of places and work ourselves silly, it is so much easier for us to catch something.


Most entertainers could isolate ourselves when we are focused on work or at our most creative. However, it is so healthy to interact with humans everyday. Even a simple text or dm, don’t let a day go by where you aren’t touching base with at least one person.


Creatives have a special brain that often thinks in overdrive 24/8, take time to self-reflect and be with self as much as you can. Even 5 minutes a day will help to distress and recharge.

I’m not a health professional by any means but I can speak from experience, committing to all of these things next year will definitely improve your focus and productivity. I’m sure there are a hundred things that I failed to mention. Drop a comment below with your health tips as an entertainer!

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By Tani

TANI RENEE is an American singer and songwriter based out of New Orleans, LA. Whether in front of the mic or conversation, she tells her story with a style so emotive and rich with truth that it’s hard to ignore. Pairing an honesty that resonates from pain and alienation, love and triumph with a juxtaposition of sounds such as r&b, jazz, blues and hip-hop. She made her debut with the single, “Broadcast”, complete with an interactive music video with the H.O.P.E. campaign and H.O.P.E. Outdoor Gallery in 2016 and has not stopped since. Known for her explicitly honest opinions, she is a breath of southern fresh air to R&B. Currently working on her first book and soundtrack entitled, “Sugar Don’t Go In Grits: Pretty Bad Dating Advice”. She promises to deliver nothing less than the realest spill on all things love and dating in 2019. If you want to be entertained, follow her social media @prettybadmouf. Watch her latest music video for “Russell/Stay Here” https://youtu.be/dOMwxvqI8ZI