John Philip’s new song “Eternally” Drops August 28th

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John Philip’s new single “Eternally” is set to release on August 28th on all digital outlets.

This is your new wedding song – the soundtrack to your love story! – John Philip

John Philip Stevens is an undeniable talent that is making his mark in the music industry. As a vocalist, musician, producer, songwriter and arranger, John Philip is becoming one of the most “sought after” talents of our time.

As a kid, John sang in his church choir and was surrounded by music at an early age. It was then that his journey into music began. Later in life, his vocal gift evolved into a desire to learn piano and music production. This would be the “genesis” of what is now known as “PhilFree Music”!

He’s shared many stages and platforms with such notable artists as: Leandria Johnson, J.Moss, Jason Nelson, Vashawn Mitchell and others. He has also served in creative roles as a musician, vocalist or producer for Preashea Hilliard, Gary Mayes, Drea Randle, Doobie Powell, Jennifer Mekel and many others. He also has an extensive body of work.

His discography includes:

Steps to Destiny: Vol 1 – 2011

Wait (single) – 2013

Favor is Better (single) – 2017

2nd Wind – Jan 2018

along with a host of features across various genres such as:

“Enjoy”, “Need to Know”, “What Can I Do” & “Cant Get Enough” by Jeffrey Dennis

“Never Leave Me” by Yaahn Hunter, Jr.

…and more.

Social Media Presence:

Twitter: @PhilFreeMusic

IG: @PhilFreeMusic

Facebook: PhilFreeMusicCo