If you’re an instrumentalist, music producer or beatmaker, selling beats or doing shows is likely your primary revenue stream. Like most of us, the pandemic has killed most if not all of our gigs and it is affecting a good chunk of our income. It doesn’t have to though. There are many ways you can avoid a 9-to-5 and still do what you do best every day. For starters, the online world has unlimited earning potential. If you haven’t already taken advantage of digital streaming, YouTube, or social media, this is prime time to get acquainted with the likes of these things. There is also a growing demand for sound kits within the beat community. You can make real money selling your own custom sound kits and sample packs. HOW DO I KNOW THAT SELLING SOUND KITS AND SAMPLES IS GOOD INCOME? We...

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John Philip’s new song “Eternally” Drops August 28th

John Philip's new single "Eternally" is set to release on August 28th on all digital outlets. This is your new wedding song - the soundtrack to your love story! - John Philip John Philip Stevens is an undeniable talent that is making his mark in the music industry. As a vocalist, musician, producer, songwriter and arranger, John Philip is becoming one of the most “sought after” talents of our time. As a kid, John sang in his church choir and was surrounded by music at an early age. It was then that his journey into music began. Later in life, his vocal gift evolved into a desire to learn piano and music production. This would be the “genesis” of what is now known as “PhilFree Music”! He’s shared many stages and platforms with such notable artists as: Leandria J...

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KNOW YO ISH!!: Your Artist Name

So, you are thinking about sharing your music with the world but don’t know what to call yourself or your band. Or maybe you have a name but can’t seem to build a following under that name. Here are some things to think about when picking your artist name every indie artist should consider before making their next move. IS IT CATCHY? Don’t overthink this! Your artist name should be easy to say, easy to spell, and look good. You want to make it harder for the consumer to forget you. Try typing out your prospective name in Word or Adobe and playing with Fonts. Ask yourself if this name is going to look just as good as it sounds on a Logo. IS IT ORIGINAL? Do yourself a favor and don’t try to ride someone else’s wave. Contrary to popular belief, using part of a name of a known ...

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